Due to the large number of applications
signing up as a telephone operator
is currently not possible

Telefoon via vaste lijn en gsm

Men calling women

We are always developing new services and because of that we are constantly looking for people that want to work as a phone operator.

Subscription is FREE and with that you have complete freedom

Via our phone lines men that would love to have a conversation with a girl, erotic or just for fun, are able to call. This way you have private and anonymous contact with callers.

You decide when you want to work

When you are connected to our service, you decide when you want to work. You can work any time of the day or night, our phone lines are 24 hours a day and 7 days a week active and available.

Working at home
for Videochat

Aanmelden videochat

Videochat via webcam en telefoon

videochat dames

Do you own a computer, a computer and a landline or cellphone?

Do you enjoy having callers seeing and hearing you live on their cell while you are calling with them?

Then apply now for Videochat operator.

  • You decide what will happen
  • No physical contact
  • Anonymous or not, you decide
  • High earnings
  • Exciting conversations
  • Start immediately and earn money
  • Earn up to € 2000 per month or more
  • Caller sees you full screen on their cell phone
  • Online on sites like videochatsex.com and videochatsex.co.uk

Interested? Click here and apply now!


We pay every minute of when you are having a conversation with one of our customers.

These earnings per minute apply only to operators operating within the European Community.
You can request the earnings from the other countries via the contact form.

Video chat without face in view and Telephony services.

These services are only available if you have a mobile or landline telephone and also a laptop, desktop PC and a separate webcam.
The rates apply only to residents of the European Union. See also CONTRACT.

We work with a basic scale scheme that looks like this:

0 - 500 minutes per month: €0,30 per Live minute.

501 - 1000 minutes per month: €0,35 per Live minute

1001 or more minutes per month: €0,40 per Live minute

Geld verdienen

Extra earnings Videochat

If your face is in view we pay 5 eurocents per minute extra (on top of the normal payment), you cannot wear a mask or sunglasses or something else that hides your face.

So if you want to be completely in the picture with a face, the rates are: 35, 40 and 45 cents per Live minute. If you want to be unrecognizable, you can wear a mask, sunglasses or just have your face out of view. In this case we pay the normal amount by the basic scale scheme.

When there are video chat customers who only want to watch (VOYEUR) while you are busy with another customer we pay 25 cents per minute. The more viewers the more you earn. He only sees you and hears a music playing in the background.

If a customer gives you a Gift (only through the wallet) you will receive 40 cents per gift extra.

Urgently wanted!

We are looking for women who want to video chat.

Do you find it exciting to talk via your phone with callers while those callers can see and hear you on their mobile phone, and talk with you? Do you own a computer or laptop and a webcam and do you have a fixed phone line or a mobile phone? Awesome, don't wait and subscribe now!

High payouts and anonymity possible!